• Relax in luxury
  • Connection with nature
  • Spacious and intimate

green boutique

In the heart of the Frisian countryside, you will find 34 premium holiday homes in contemporary and authentic surroundings. Equipped with the most state-of-the-art innovations, you can enjoy pure nature and all the luxury in a fully sustainable manner. With us, everything is within reach. A vast natural park for the endless outdoors, but also the luxury of your own swimming pool or a wine cooler for that relaxing drink. The combination of luxury premium, small-scale attention and the opulence of nature is what we call Green Boutique.


    Private sauna
    Luxury jacuzzi
    Private pool
    Padel court
    Sports fields
    Small-scale & intimate
    Personal attention
    Sustainable resort

From the moment you step into your holiday home, you can truly press pause. Time to breathe. Surrender to the enchantment of spring and experience the warmer tones of budding nature, while the Unbrick One takes care of the rest.

The Unbrick One – how beautiful and spacious it is, just as enchanting as spring itself. Every detail of the home is thoughtfully designed, as automated and perfected as possible; from the charging point for the electric car to the fully integrated solar panels.


Everything in the park is designed to meet your holiday needs, and otherwise it is organised by team Brinckerduyn. A walk in the park, sports in the outdoor sports centre, mountain biking on the most beautiful trails - and then shutting the world off and enjoying the peace and quiet that nature has to offer. A luxurious hide-out in nature or an oasis in the hustle and bustle? Do we have to choose? Of course not.

Effort and relaxation

AND high-tech

Brinckerduyn is a place to come to reflection - and to new insights. A place to connect with nature, and leave the daily grind behind. At the same time, you will stay in a home more luxurious than your own, with hospitality to match. Enjoy small-scale wellness the property has to offer. Fully unwind in the sauna, finest jacuzzi or heated pool. The property is maintained, cleaned and set to perfection. You can also leave your pillow at home, we will make sure you get one that suits your sleeping style.

Back to the basics and high tech



Brinckerduyn is located in Appelscha, in the middle of the Frisian nature. With a full battery you're there in no time from Amsterdam, Utrecht or Enschede!