• Relax in luxury
  • Connection with nature
  • Spacious and intimate

green boutique

In the heart of the Frisian countryside, you will find 34 premium holiday homes in contemporary and authentic surroundings. Equipped with the most state-of-the-art innovations, you can enjoy pure nature and all the luxury in a fully sustainable manner. With us, everything is within reach. A vast natural park for the endless outdoors, but also the luxury of your own swimming pool or a wine cooler for that relaxing drink. The combination of luxury premium, small-scale attention and the opulence of nature is what we call Green Boutique.


From the moment you walk into your holiday home, you can really press pause. Tijd om te ademen. Surrender to nature and experience the silence of the surroundings, and the Unbrick One will take care of the rest.

The Unbrick One, how beautiful it is and how spacious it is. Every detail of the house has been thought through, automated as much as possible and perfected; from the illuminated charging point for the electric car, to the fully integrated solar panels.

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An apparent contrast and yet exactly what we are looking for. The unexpected combination of back-to-basic and high-tech. Of premium and pure and of effort and relaxation. This rubbing together of these contrasts makes us who we are. It makes us Brinckerduyn.

Deluxe experience in nature


With shifting dunes in the backyard and purple heather on the horizon, you've never felt further from home. But in a park full of luxury amenities; padel courts, an outside gym, a house with an outdoor kitchen, private pool and sauna, you will feel at ease in no time. And if that is not enough, we will lovingly bring you the finest local produce - or you can just open a bottle of wine. It will be ready for you in the built-in climate-controlled fridge.

Nature and luxury


Everything in the park is designed to meet your holiday needs, and otherwise it is organised by team Brinckerduyn. A walk in the park, sports in the outdoor sports centre, mountain biking on the most beautiful trails - and then shutting the world off and enjoying the peace and quiet that nature has to offer. A luxurious hide-out in nature or an oasis in the hustle and bustle? Do we have to choose? Of course not.

Exertion and relaxation

AND high-tech

Brinckerduyn is a place to come to reflection - and to gain new insights. A place to connect with nature, and leave the daily grind behind. At the same time, you will stay in a home that is more luxurious than your own home, with hospitality to match. The house will be maintained, cleaned and set up to the last detail. You can also leave your pillow at home, we will make sure you get one that suits your sleeping style.

Back to the basics and high tech


Brinckerduyn is full of facilities where you can seek out people or withdraw yourself. Think of a panna cage, padel court, sports field, boot camp, picnic area and a water jungle for the children. Just a stone's throw away there is a nine-hole golf course and the largest outdoor swimming pool in the Netherlands.

Little girl in the trees

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3 nights
2 people

Unbrick One | Sauna | 4 Pers.

Netherlands, Friesland, Appelscha
  • Back-to-basic and high-tech
  • Relaxation and Exercise in Brinckerduyn
  • Superdeluxe wellness house
3 nights
2 people

Unbrick One | Sauna | 2 Pers.

Netherlands, Friesland, Appelscha
  • Relax with each other
  • Superdeluxe Private sauna
  • M-Line beds
3 nights
2 people

Unbrick One | Sauna | 6 Pers.

Netherlands, Friesland, Appelscha
  • Wellness in nature
  • own bar own sauna own... everything
  • Discover how luxury gets close to nature


Brinckerduyn is located in Appelscha, in the middle of the Frisian nature. With a full battery you're there in no time from Amsterdam, Utrecht or Enschede!