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Boutique Park Brinckerduyn is the perfect place for quality time. Relax in the vast Frisian countryside. We love this nature, which is why we think it is important to preserve it. To contribute to this, Brinckerduyn has been set up as a sustainable holiday park.



🪵 Our holiday homes are built sustainably. They are made of wood instead of stone, steel and concrete. For every tree used, three were planted back. This is how we contribute to nature.

🚿 We also think it is important to save water. Rainwater is returned to nature via a wadi. In addition, all bathrooms have a water-saving shower head.

♻️ Even now that Brinckerduyn is in full use, we want to continue acting sustainably. We always look first at the possibility of repairing something rather than immediately replacing it with a new product.

💚 Brinckerduyn is part of Green Boutique. Green Boutique parks are spacious, sustainably developed and designed for individual luxury. Combined with small-scale attention and opulence of nature. 

🗝️ Brinckerduyn has had Green Key Gold since 2023. This quality mark tests the sustainability of the park in 12 areas such as cleaning, energy and water. Every year, we make an action plan with the steps we want to take this year in terms of sustainability. This is how we keep getting a little greener!

    Not just once, but forever

    For us, sustainability is not a one-off action, but something we strive for in all our operations. We evaluate our sustainability policy annually and then also draw up a plan for next year.  This way, we always keep improving ourselves.

    Brinckerduyn gives you energy

    Our ambition is to be completely self-sufficient in energy. We generate all the energy we use ourselves with our solar panels. In summer, this produces too much energy, which we pass on to the neighbouring campsite. The swimming pools also save energy through a roller shutter and through the liquid HeatCover that prevents water evaporation.

    Sustainable purchasing

    We buy as many products as possible at Brinckerduyn sustainably. We always opt for products that are good for the earth and people, preferably with an eco-label. We already mentioned that we love Frisian nature, so it is only logical that we also buy as many products as possible locally. A cheeseboard with cheese from the neighbours is much more fun, isn't it?


Green Key Gold

Green Key: the international hallmark for sustainable businesses in the hospitality sector. Green Key aims to promote sustainability in the tourism and leisure industry and reduce the impact on the environment. Brinckerduyn holds this green key to a more sustainable world!

Green Key Gold


We love that we are becoming more and more sustainable, but will be even happier if you join us. That's why we regularly share tips on how to make your holidays sustainable!

  • Separate your waste in your holiday home.
  • Turn off all lights easily with the on/off button in your holiday home when you go out.
3 nights
2 people

Unbrick One | Sauna and Private Pool | 6 Pers.

Netherlands, Friesland, Appelscha
  • Private heated pool & sauna
  • 130m2 of holiday enjoyment
  • ultimate holiday bliss
3 nights
2 people

Unbrick One | Sauna and Private Pool | 2 Pers.

Netherlands, Friesland, Appelscha
  • Superdeluxe & Durable
  • Private Sauna
  • Private heated Pool
3 nights
2 people

Unbrick One | Sauna and Private Pool | 4 Pers.

Netherlands, Friesland, Appelscha
  • Private heated pool & sauna
  • Superdeluxe in nature
  • Ultimate relaxation