Brinckerduyn Workation Deluxe

Workation Deluxe

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Relax, amaze and above all enjoy.

Workation Deluxe

Would you like to work in a different environment? Because you notice that you get stuck in your familiar (home) workplace and need different stimuli? And because you like the idea of combining work with a well-earned holiday? Then enjoy a workation at Brinckerduyn. In our peaceful and inspiring surroundings, you can boost your work and get your energy back. 


✷ Private sauna at your cottage

 ✷ Anti writers block massage (optional)

 ✷ Beautiful route for a heath walk

 ✷ One hour guided yoga/meditation session

 ✷ Year-round heated and private swimming pool (optional)

 ✷ Also convenient; an invoice on the business! ✓