Last minute
Relax, amaze and above all enjoy.


You tap the perfect beer yourself!

There is no cask of beer in your tap at the moment. This is deliberate, to avoid waste. Do you fancy a freshly tapped beer? Let us know and we will be happy to tell you more about the current stock. We always have several (special) beers ready in 6-litre caskets!

Time for a new keg?

  1. Turn off the appliance.
  2. Slide the black front knob on the beer tap to the right and open both doors.
  3. Lift up the blue locking arms and lift the beer keg out of the beer tap.
  4. Remove the protective cap and tubing.
  5. Press the two blue buttons and remove the tap unit.
  6. Rinse the tap unit.
  7. Time for a new beer keg!
  8. Attach the tap unit to the new beer keg
  9. Attach the hose into the tap unit and click tight. Sometimes it helps to twist the hose a little.
  10. Place the new beer keg in the beer tap.
  11. Move the blue locking levers downwards
  12. Close the doors and move the release button
  13. Turn the beer tap back on. The beer keg is now cooled.
  14. If the green light is on, the beer is at the right temperature
  15. Tap it. Cheers!

3 beer please

1. Rinse your glass without drying it extensively. A wet glass will keep your beer nice and cold and allow you to check the head.

2. Hold the glass under the tap at a 45-degree angle and fully open the tap in one go.

3. Slowly bring the glass out of the 45-degree angle, to a vertical position. The faster you do this, the thicker the head.

4. Close the tap in one smooth motion. You can remove excess foam with the skimmer (or just drink it quickly, we don't judge. ;-))