It's time for a nice dip in the pool. To use the pool properly and safely we like to explain a few things.

  • The pool is equipped with a fully automatic water treatment for which you do not have to do anything.
  • The sustainable heat pump ensures a pleasant temperature between 25 and 28 degrees, depending on the season.


The pool is equipped with a roller cover. This cover keeps the heat in the pool and also provides extra safety so children cannot fall into the water when the cover is closed.


Next to the sauna door you will find the controls for the roll-down cover, a black square box.

  • By pressing one of the arrow keys for 2 seconds, the Roldeck can be opened or closed.
  • By touching one of the 3 keys while opening or closing the Roldeck, the Roldeck stops.


  • It is not a toy for children and should preferably only be operated by adults
  • No objects should lie on the Roldeck
  • Do not walk on the Roldeck
  • The roller deck should only be closed when no one is left in the pool and there are no toys or other objects in the pool.
  • If the roller deck does not move properly, do not keep pushing the buttons but contact the park manager immediately. They will be happy to fix the malfunction.
  • Close the roller deck when not using the pool. This keeps the temperature in the pool and is safer for young children.
  • Always close the roller deck when you leave the house.


  • Before everyone jumps into the pool nicely, we recommend showering off first.
  • This is conducive to water quality and also so pleasant for your fellow swimmers.
  • Of course, every child knows that the pool cannot be mistaken for a toilet. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to explain this to a child beforehand. Especially with small children, you should plan regular toilet visits or use a swim diaper. That way, you won't give accidents a chance.


The modern hydrolysis system provides crystal-clear water in which you can swim without any worries.
swimming. Still, it is good to check if the water is as clear as a glass. If it is, then you can swim without worry. If the water is murky or smells very strongly, contact the park manager and wait a while before swimming.


The pool is equipped with lighting. You can turn them on and off at the roll-down control box next to the sauna door. Between the two arrows you will see a button with a light. Pressing this button will turn on the lighting. The lighting goes
off automatically when the roller deck is closed.


A pool is great fun, but to keep it fun and safe we ask you to follow these rules.

  • No diving! The pool is only 1.20 meters deep, so you will reach the bottom sooner than you think
  • Children without a diploma are required to wear swimming straps or a life jacket
  • Children always swim under adult supervision
  • No running around the pool
  • No sharp objects in or around the pool
  • Do not use glass objects in and around the pool
  • Leave water in the pool. Unlimited bombing is not the intention

Do not leave young children without a diploma alone near the pool, even when the roller deck is closed
Pets are not allowed in the pool.