Sustainable holiday Netherlands

Sustainable holiday Netherlands

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Relax, amaze and above all enjoy.
  • Located in the Drents-Friese Wold
  • Built with sustainable CLT wood
  • 1 used tree = 3 trees planted


Better by nature: at Brinckerduyn we believe in a sustainable future which is better for the holidaymaker and the planet. Our holiday homes are built of Cross Laminated Timber, or CLT. This is a sustainable type of wood that is reusable, remountable, super strong and provides an amazing indoor climate. In this way, we save an immense load of CO2 and the material can be used for a next life, such as a floor or table. Brinckerduyn is situated in a beautiful natural location in Friesland. To be precise, in the Drents-Friese Wold. Here you are guaranteed a wonderful relaxing eco holiday!


Our sustainable holiday park is extremely suitable for a restful and luxurious holiday in the Netherlands. Did you know that for every tree we used during construction, we replanted no less than 3 trees? Unique to Brinckerduyn is that we let contrasts come together. Nature and luxury: a seeming contrast which we believe goes perfectly together. In your eco holiday home, every detail has been thought of. Among other things, you have fully integrated solar panels that generate more power than the house consumes, an illuminated charging point for the electric car, and a smart thermostat. Coming home, but better.

Green Key Gold

Green Key: the international hallmark for sustainable businesses in the hospitality sector. Green Key aims to promote sustainability in the tourism and leisure industry and reduce the impact on the environment. Brinckerduyn has this green key to a more sustainable world!

We bring nature indoors, with plenty of luxury:

  • Interior design with natural materials
  • Italian designer kitchen
  • With a Quooker, wine fridge, and Nespresso machine
  • Living room with speakers and television
  • Private pool and/or sauna
  • Lovely terrace with a barbecue
  • Green Key Gold
Green Key Gold


During your stay in a sustainable holiday home at Brinckerduyn, there is plenty to experience and discover. Go out and make the most beautiful walks through the Drents-Friese Wold or cross the paths of a mountain bike route! Or join the latest craze from Spain on our padel court. Do you prefer to relax? Time to breathe and feel completely free during a session in our yoga garden. Or enjoy the tranquillity of your private pool or sauna. In any case, it is no problem to recharge your inner battery with us!

Surrender to nature and experience the silence of the surroundings ♥

Geef je over aan de natuur en ervaar de stilte van de omgeving ♥