The Nice Company

The Nice Company

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Relax, amaze and above all enjoy.
Real, whole fruit from the season, dark chocolate and organic cream from pasture-raised cows; the best ingredients make the tastiest ice creams. At Nice, they know this. With pure ingredients, they make ice creams to really enjoy, with respect for people and nature. That thought fits perfectly with the Weelderik, you can find Nice ice creams in the clubhouse!

Pure enjoyment with real ingredients.

At Nice, we make delicious and good ice creams. We use the best organic ingredients for the best taste. So no hidden sugars, powders or concentrates. When you eat a Nice ice cream, you really know what you're eating: pure ingredients, written in big letters on our packaging. That's not only better for you. It's also better for the soil and biodiversity.

Good for you, good for nature.

We use local ingredients in our ice creams. We source fresh fruit as close to home as possible, because there are plenty of tasty fruits here. Unlike mango and pineapple, an apple from Flevopolder does not have to travel halfway around the world to end up in our ice cream. So you enjoy all the good things nature has to offer here.

Our ice cream factory in Friesland

Our ice creams are made sustainably, in a zero-energy factory with more than 600 solar panels on the roof. We work with a sheltered workshop for reusable promotional materials. And our paper packaging has the thinnest possible inner film for food safety, but we keep looking for a more sustainable alternative.